More upscale news.

Along with the articles about Lexus going upscale. I was reading that GE and Mens clothing ( suits) are also going upscale to follow the growing group of millionairs and baby boomers that want to spend some money. GE is adding 50% to their advertising budget. These ovens go for $5,000+ so we are not talking about a 600-$1,000 ovens on the market. Mens suits- designers have come out with a line that is 30% higher than their highest price suits on the market. Notice how that are not raising rates by $10 or $100, doing that can lead to failure. The suits that range from $2,000-$6,000 are not hand made, they are made from a pattern then tailored to each client. Looks like alot of companies are re-adjusting to the new economic class that is out there.


Go Upscale!

That's it. I could write 1,000 words to try to convince you, but If you don't understand my first sentence, the rest will not make sense.