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Seeing the Light

Author’s Photograph Selected for International Photography Website

Cleveland, OH, -- June 12, 2007 – When professional photographer around the world need supplies, there’s one place they go: Calumet Photographic. This week Calumet selected Patrick Warneka’s photographic work entitled “Millennium Night” for their exclusive “Photo of the Week.” “I am honored to have my work listed with the outstanding photographers that frequent Calumet,” said Warneka, a professional photographer and co-author of the newly released The Way of Leading People: Unlocking Your Integral Leadership Skills with the Tao Te Ching.

“I am excited that others can share in the beauty that I see around us in our daily lives,” said Warneka, whose clients include Colgate, University of Michigan and others. “The photo that Calumet selected was very similar to my photos in The Way of Leading People,” he said. Warneka’s new book, co-authored with his brother Timothy H. Warneka, updates an ancient Chinese leadership text for today’s global culture.

Warneka, a professional photographer who lives in Chicago, Illinois, says that his passion involves photographing urban landscapes. “There’s something very powerful about the structures around us,” he noted. “When the light is right, it’s that power I capture in my pictures.”

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