Here is a great article about spec photography. I agree with John Harrington. great insight.
Here is the link (BLOG)

Along with that, here is another link to help you clear up your thinking about how to operate your business LIES! - what a great list that if you learn it can help you get your business profitable


Always remember, more people will pay for information than will pay for a hard good ( item). Start to look at what you do well. Focus on your strengths not your weakness. For a photographer, maybe you take great pictures of birds, or babies. Maybe you shoot everything with only 1 light or the post processing method that you use. Practice what you do best. try to look at what steps are involved with what you do to end up with the shots that people rave about. Now, take the steps of your process and document it from start to finish. - that by the way, is your brand identity. We will get into that more later.

Ask yourself, can this be duplicated? the process, steps, equipment? all of it? Can somebody learn how to do what I do? or not. If 80% of it can be learned, you now have a product that can make money for you when you are not shooting. If you had to teach a seminar, or create a CD, or book, What would you talk about? If you start to think about knowledge as a product, you can increase your income and sometimes make a passive form or revenue.


Build a business from the inside out.

Before you make numerous mistakes in the beginning of your business, it is a good idea for you to look into yourself and learn the signs that your body gives you about situations (and people) that are good for your business and the ones that are not. It is instinct. You know that “feeling” you get before things go wrong. If you don’t think you have instinct I have some good news for you. Everybody has instinct - it is primal. You can practice and hone your instinct.

As you go about your day, ask yourself how you feel about what you are doing and note what the outcome turns out to be. Once you are able to match up your feelings in a certain situation and the outcome patterns that occur, you will then be working on your instinct. the more "in tune" with your instinct that you are, the less bad decisions your will make in your business and life.


You ONLY do what?

That is the new catch phrase. OK I have to admit, I started it. but i know it will catch on soon if not in the near future. Some of you know what I mean, for others let's back up a bit. Years ago men went to work at a job and their wives stayed home. Bills were paid and mouths were fed. Today a few jobs out there allow one person to work and support the whole family. I want you to have a successful business but ALSO diversify your income. this way if one source stops or drops off, you can still provide for your family and sleep at night.

Look around in the photography industry. Photographers teach classes, sell Cd's with actions, music or "tips". They give lectures and speak at conventions. Why? to share their knowledge yes, but also to diversify their income.

I would like to devote this site to photographers and how to diversify your income.

Great News!

I have been informed that the website ART.COM has selected my as one of thier top photographers of 2007 ! It is great to have my work recognized, but in the mean time I know they are making money off my work - Oh well, looks good on the resume.

Funny what happens when you make a decision. I vowed that in 2007 I will build the business side of my photography....... Um, Business.

Well so far so good my billings so far have passed what I sold in 2006 total. Anyway I wanted to start a new blog for my Business. ( my other blogs are all personal, kind of a shame because I have about 3 years worth of writting on them)

so I hope you enjoy my Plog ( patrick's blog) I will update with some of the shoots that have kept me busy in Jan and Feb 07.