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The Shoot Kit is the perfect tool to help organize all the essential items in your camera bag that you use on your shoots. A photographer who has it together will make a good impression with the clients. Make 2011 the year your get your camera bag organized. Get the Shoot Kit and stay organized this year.

Here are some photos of the Shoot Kit. You can see it has several pockets for supplies.

The patent pending designed case is made of high quality treated Cotton Canvas.
It is made in the U.S.A.
Water resistant and easy to clean.
The Shoot Kit can hold all of the supplies you use the most( band aids, sewing kit, aspirin,hair spray, stain sticks,bug spray etc...)
It has the same circumference as your large zoom lens
It rolls up secure and fits in most camera bags
Easy to open and close Velcro closure
Keeps pins and needles safe from scratching your lens or pricking fingers
Makes switching your bags easy. You won't forget the little things.
Great for photographers on the go!

With the Shoot Kit in your case, you will be able to focus on your clients and give top notch service when they need it most.

These kits are Made in the U.S.A.
Made from an earth friendly, treated cotton canvas

The stocked kit will arrive with:

Safety Pins - Coated, so they last longer
Bobbi Pins- a cocoa-brown color to match most situations
Bandages - We found some that can hold up to moisture!
One spray bottle- Highly-recyclable, PET bottle, ready to fill.
One pop top bottle - Highly-recyclable, PET bottle, ready to fill.
Pre-threaded sewing kit - By the supplier of fine hotels, Gilchrist&Soames of England.

There are still plenty of pockets for your Stain wipes, Advil, Business Cards or bug spray,sun protection,Hairspray, makeup, clippers,mints, gum. and much more.

goto and order yours today.


Meet Shane. Shane is a fantastic Guitar player and I know, will make it big very soon. Here is one of the photos from the shoot.

I love my clients but this one was outstanding. I spent a week in Playa Del Carmen and Cozumel, Mexico taking some photos for a family and vacationing. I have never seen such clear water in my life. On my free time we did some snorkeling and enjoying the beach. I will have some photos from my personal time posted very soon.

I am just going over the photos from a local Photography tour that I give here in Chicago. If you are a photographer, remember that I do tours of the city! There are so many different ways to tour Chicago, I can design a tour for certain places you want to see or I can take you to my favorite spots. This is a very inexpensive way to get some great photos and learn about Chicago.

Back real soon
Happy 4th of July everyone. Hope you have a safe and relaxing holiday.


This is a photo of a client I shot a little while ago. He is with a global marketing firm. A fantastic guy to meet and work with. one of my favorite clients in the past months.


time is flying buy! Spring hit in a big way this week. 2-3 days of 90++ degrees. I have been working on some different projects and all of a sudden they collided together. I have a Shootkit offer coming out this Friday, it is a great deal to buy one, if you do not have one yet. I've noticed more people buying 2 one for each bag.that makes me happy, and chances are will make their lives a little easier. I am also looking into some tour programs. I would love to give photography tours around Chicago. What a great time to start one.
More videos coming out on my channel. Keep an eye out for them.



I want to start doing more videos, so here is one to look at. I promise they will get better looking! Please view this one and if you can, focus on the content :)
here it is.
More on You tube


What a wild ride! i have been working with Final Cut Pro and now FC Express. I love learning new things and after using photoshop since 1994, I have to say, this is like drinking from a fire hose! I love it, but yikes, A shout out to my brother,Tim who has been there to answer my 28 second phone calls "hey, it's ME, where is hell is THIS folder located???" Thanks, by.......

Never stop learning folks!


Our thoughts and prayers go out to every effected by the earthquake /sunami in Japan.

We had to check on the restaurant. the only way to go was walk in the streets.  Usually in  the tracks that the Hummers left.  


A snowy day in Chicago. I hope I have the energy to do some photography tonight. We have an artist night at Strictly locals tomorrow. There are some great artists there. Hope you have time to check it out. Starts at 6:30 and there will be drinks. It will be a good time.


well we are off to an interesting start.  I am getting some calls from new clients, some of my work is selling in local stores, yet I still feel down due to the time of year and  a few other factors.  Just like anything else, you have to have to lows, so you know when you are having a "high".

That said,  a nice Cancun Wedding would be nice to cover this time of the year.  tell you what,  You pay my airfare for a wedding or corporate event plus a little extra and let's talk!  I could be packed by tomorrow.