The world does not know what it is in for!

My brother Tim Warneka in Cleveland just did a pod/vid cast using skype. It was a blast and in usual form I was hoping to make it to 10 minutes. Well we now have a podcast that explains how and why you should have a podcast ( it is only 40+ minutes long) and and second one on where business is headed. - that is a very good cast and the subject is can get very deep. Look for them in the near future on my site or at Http:// , or, or on this blog


I am adding more podcasts while I can. It is starting to get a little hecktic around here.


I did a podcast on Gut instinct or intuition for photographers. It is interesting that everybody has the gut instinct built into them, it is just that some people have a higer developed instinct that others do.

The good news is that you can work on it and improve, or more accurately, learn to read the senses that you have and what they mean. The more you learn to connect the inside feelings with the outside stimulus, the better you will be a figuring out the right answer that is best for you at that time.

I cover some of the hints or signs that you can use to understand what your gut instinct does for you and how it plays in your daily life. You can find my podcasts on the top right side of this page. I will have more and I hope you enjoy them and most of all, learn from them.


Hi Everyone,

sorry I have not been able to post lately. I have been working on some podcasts. I plan on releasing these podcasts to help photographer get a better grasp on their business. I get asked and see the same questions on forums about business that I don't think is answered by others. I will post when they are ready. I hope you download them and like'em.


I know, update your blog frequently. I try but this time of year taxes kick in. Besides that, my corporate clients start to need their files a little faster then they did in december. I'm Glad I get to work with them of course, but it does add to the crunch. It is all part of the business. I love it so, no big deal.
SuperBowl to day... time to relax.