Happy New Year!  To all my past clients and to my future ones.

This industry has changed a lot in both expectations and skill levels.  We now offer the cutting edge technology in portrait photography along with Video captures.  Like any skill, we intend to improve and stay current with your needs.  This is a perfect time to book a session with us to get new photos and start 2013 with New, Current Images for your family and your business.
The Chicago ChrisKindle Market
A Holiday Tradition in Chicago


Merry Christmas!

We would like to wish all of our clients a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

 We have some changes coming up for 2013. 


I know I have not been able to post lately.  I will update with some new images.  recently I have been working in video.  I am excited about putting still and motion together  for my clients.


website updated

I know it has been a while, but I finally got around to up dating my home page on my website.  If you get a chance please take a moment to view some of my work.


How important is photography?

How important is photography? You tell me.


Trying to post to my blog. It has not worked for the past few weeks. 



Chicago Hosts the N.A.T.O summit talks in downtown Chicago, 2012  Gary McCarthy, the Police superintendent ( Chicago's top Cop)  is photographed along the rally routes. these photos were taken on 2 different days, and as you can tell, Officer McCarthy is on the front line with all of his men.  Thank you for the great work!

July  16 update:  I am having trouble logging into my log to post.  I can get to the page but not post anything.   I am still here!  i will keep trying.


I still love hugh's site.  great wisdom and great art all in one.


Best Corporate Photography in Chicago, Midwest

I was hired by Microsoft to shoot some photos for marketing and internal purposes.  I had a Fantastic time meeting the some of the staff at the Chicago Microsoft office and what a cool looking office they have!  I will show what I can, but as always, only the captures my clients allow me to show you will be up.  stay tuned for more. 

You know I love showing Chicago off the the visitors.  Well, this is one week where the best activities are the indoor ones, Hopefully by a fireplace with loved ones. We are on the first day of a cold snap and looks like we are getting some snow tomorrow. some are saying it might be over 6 inches of powder.  Chances are I will go out and see what I can photograph, but once I am done, you know where to find me, by my fireplace with my beautiful wife.  Hope to see you when it warms up!