Here are some photos from the shoot I had with My dad and Tim, my brother.


Things got a little busy around here lately. Here are some photos from the shoot for the clothing designer. It was a quick shoot so I am looking forward to working with them again with more time for MUA & locations shoots.


Tam and I went to shoot the skyline. What a view of the city! we have some the the GO cubs Go! skyline photos that will get the attention of all cubs fans out there. I cannot wait for the samples to arrive. it should be about 2 days. clear and huge size.

I will post what i get.


I did a great shoot late last week for an up and coming clothing designer. We were under the gun, timewise but were able to get some great captures that really show off the clothing line. Vicky and Laura were the models used in the shoot. I need to get them back for a day shoot around town.. I will add pictures soon