Chicago's lights out. March 29 8-9 pm.
In theory, everyone was encouraged to turn their lights out for one hour to raise awareness about energy usage.
Here is a photo from the Chicago skyline during the lights out hour........At least I had a chance to try my upgrqaded camera.


Just about back up to speed!
Internet? Check.
Phone? Check.
New address? Check.
New Photos Check.

And here is what happens to unruly models !


We have finally moved in!

it has been a long year. The loft rocks. Plenty of room to shoot and great light. We are excited, got to go unpack some more.


A friend of mine took some quick photos from a corporate display using my photos! Fun to see others enjoy my photos.

Well it is nice to get some photos of your work and how it is being used!
Not bad If I do say so myself.