Just a quick post to wish everyone a happy, safe fall season. Like my other posts mention, I was in Cancun and had a blast. Got a little work done and the rest of the time was mine. I am now back in the middle of fall trying to enjoy it. Not that hard.... Beautiful colors all around. :) Get out there and enjoy it while you can.


Cancun Wedding

I just got back from Cancun.  I was actually hired for a private family event.  I had to photograph a family on vacation and doing a few other events.  But Here is the fun part!  I saw a couple walking down the beach on one of my days off. the woman was in a white, long, sun dress the man in black shorts, and a white top.  I said they look like they just got married. I noticed that as they walked down the beach they handed their camera to strangers to take there photo. it is not that uncommon, heck, I even do that.  But they did it a lot more often as they walked.

  I watched them stand on a small jetty her dress  and long brown hair blowing  in the wind behind her as the waves crashed in. He stood in front of her as they took turns taking photos of each other.    IT DROVE ME CRAZY! I said to my wife, "I have to shoot this couple!"  I ran over and asked them for their P&S camera.   It turns out they were just married and were from the Russian Federation.  I  pointed to myself and said  Professional photographer. Her eyes lit up and handed me the camera.  I sent them out on the jetty of rocks, wind blowing their hair and dress back, waves crashing in, blue skies and teal colored ocean behind them....   and I shot, and posed them a little at first, and shot and shot and shot......  I was waste deep in the surf almost being knocked over by the waves...  but I was having so much fun. They kissed and hugged.... and I shot and shot.  I just let them be a "couple"  and I shot around them.

It was interesting to see that we did not have to speak the same language to work together. But on the other hand, that is one of the reason's I LOVE photography.  I am not good with languages, and my writing is even worse.  but my photos do all the talking for me.  I felt as high as a kite after taking about 50 photos with the couple from Russia.  I hope they enjoy the photos.  I realized, I really love what I have a chance to do with my photography. Make people happy.

I saw the couple the next day while we were checking out. I gave the groom my business card and said  Please email a photo.  He smiled and thanked me again. I wished them good luck and many happy years.  I know they did not understand my words, but they got the meaning.    

It is not the paper the photos are printed on or the camera that I use that makes photography so exciting to me.  It is the fact that I get the chance to capture people in a happy time in their lives and record it so they have it beautifully documented for themselves and the next generation. 

If you are having a wedding in some far off destination, and not sure if it is worth having a local photo on the trip please give it some thought.  I and willing and able to work with you to make sure you have to best photos of the event for yourselves and your family to share for years to come.