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Update your Online photo

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Bio photo to attract new business

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A good Bio photo is a very important part of your branding of your company.  It is always a good move to make sure your bio photo on your social media pages represents you and your message. 


Grand Opening In Chicago

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I was fortunate enough to cover a grand opening in Chicago the other day.  Not my usual type of affair. It was a language school for children. It was opening up in the neighborhood of Andersonville, One of Chicago's North side neighborhoods. It was fun to see the children all excited to walk through the brand new facilities, to see other children they have class with and most of all to see the teachers.  Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. At times it was pretty crowded with families wanting to learn more about the classes.  I enjoyed covering this event.  It is always fun and exciting to cover different types of events.  I learn something every time and I know the variety of venues improves my photography skills.  Congratulations Language Stars in Andersonville!
The Local Alderman cuts the ribbon on the Grand opening


2014 - Time for a professional image on the internet

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So you found your niche, your career, your groove. Good for you! 2014 is picking up speed and it is

time for you to retire that photo from your last year in school.  Take this time to update your professional photo, Bio and web presence now while you can.  Email me and set up a time. I can come to you if you like.


Social media Bio Photos

Websites, Blogs, Linkedin, Facebook, Twitter, video and so much more.  So much of our social and business lives has moved to the Internet in the past 10 years, that most of us cannot live with out it.   In fact, the Web is usually the first place people go to find out about you.   This is where a great bio picture come into play!  You might just have the best message out there, but if people cannot connect with you, your content might get lost.  Don't let a bad or unflattering photo send clients away.  Consider getting the internet package of photos. These photos will work for all of the most popular social media websites used in business today.   Start the year off right with a new business photo.


New Year, New Budget. time for a new Profile Photo!

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Happy New Year everyone!

Let's face it. the photo that you picked 2 years ago as a Bio photo or Icon, is a little out of date.  Buyers and Sellers are all on the web, so it does not make sense that you do not put your best 'face' forward.  You need professional photos for your professional company.  Contact me for the best time to meet and we can work together to update your photos for 2014.