I had to put this skyline photo up. Go Hawks!


Just a short note. It seems odd but I am having a great day. I guess focusing on a project really helps.


Since I have some followers on this blog,  I thought I would let you see what I have been up to lately.
I am very proud to show you The Shoot Kit

The video is a rough draft,   I am in the process of shooting the final version in HD.  I would love to hear what you think and I hope this interests you enough consider picking one up when they come out.

Obviously, the site is not finished.  so please keep that in mind.  it will only get better.


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My friend and Photographer Saundra was over  and we were talking about everything, business, life what not... It was good to see her again and I have to tell you,  If I had a child and wanted photos. I would go to the best!  If you don't know Saundra's site yet. It is time you visit Her studio is cool and  her work rocks!   Moms get your kids infront of Sandy's lens, Fast!