Mr. Magoo! we will miss you!

Oscar-nominated screenwriter Millard Kaufman, the co-creator of "Mr. Mago died...


A coach item shoot.


Man I am getting all "social media-ed out". Facebook, twitter, myspace. linkedin, this blog, website, podcasts, videos...Oy! Used correctly, they are very good instruments to getting your message out. but the learning curve and the hidden usages of each one can really put a damper on your first couple of free days after joining.

It is not like technology of the past, where it was launched then a newer version would come out to replace it that you had to buy. Now a new social meadia is launched, you learn the basics, then some 13 year old from sweeden builds some apps that once downloaded do half the work for you yet adds a new learning curve you have to jump over.

anyway, If you really want to follow me on twitter, I can be found at @warneka

another note, I hope you have nice weather where you are reading this from.


Here is a way some photographers can put their photos to good use. Check out what google maps is looking for.